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Excellent service from this company. Clothes dry cleaned and returned within 24 hours, superb job done. There customer service is excellent too- I left a work pass on one of the items and after an email exchange they returned it to me very quickly. Highly recommended.

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Samira from Sharjah

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Average Abu Dhabi local dry cleaner

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avg. 3.1

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avg. 10 min

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avg. 15 min

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AED4 - AED10

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usually 2 - 3 days

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avg. 15 min


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We collect, wash and deliver your laundry and dry cleaning in 24 hours.

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Our drivers bring your items to our cleaning partners, where we take utmost care to ensure great results.

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Your clothes are back to you 24 hours later - all clean and ready for action.

Same-day collection.
We collect your clothes on the day of booking at no additional charge.
Free delivery in 24 hours.
Excellent for last-minute laundry. Book today, wear tomorrow.
Freedom from laundry.
We do the laundry, you save time for the things you love.

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Over 1000 customers have rated their dry cleaning experience with Laundryheap as Excellent in the UAE.

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