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Commercial laundry with same-day collection and free next-day delivery. Lowest price guaranteed.

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Laundryheap for uniforms

We process hundreds of thousands of items each week, so you can rely on our commercial laundry service for your uniforms no matter the size of your organisation.

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Laundryheap for Airbnb

Our on-demand service provides clean laundry for your Airbnb exactly when you need it. We can wash your own items or rent our clean linen and towels to you on-demand. Now you can focus on providing the best experience to your guests.

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Laundryheap for your hotel

Partner with us and offer great laundry service to your guests. If you are a hotel, service apartments or an Airbnb host, we offer overnight laundry and dry cleaning service to your guests, while you can earn a commission.

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Laundryheap for cafes and restaurants

Our cafe and restaurant laundry service offer quick turnaround and excellent cleaning for your business needs. We can work on your own schedule and deliver great cleaning for table cloths, uniforms, napkins, kitchen cloths and more.

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Laundryheap for your office

We provide custom solution to your office laundry and dry cleaning needs. Make our service easily available to your employees, ensure clean towels for your shower facility, or clean your swag after an event.

Laundryheap for your business

Focus on the more important parts of your business while we take care of the laundry. It's an ideal solution to hairdressers, beauty and spa saloons or anyone that needs laundry done.

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